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Life by Design Community

Group coaching aimed at fostering a supportive community, accountability, and transformation.


One-on-One Coaching

Tailored sessions for profound, personalized transformations.


Monthly Masterclasses

Empowerment and learning opportunities every month.

The Process

She guides her clients through a transformative journey from living by default to living by design. Clients learn to reprogram their subconscious, identify and counteract limiting beliefs, redefine their identity, and create intentional actions to accomplish their goals, allowing them to show up with confidence in every aspect of their lives. 

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Mindset & Life Design Coach

Coach Shineka has always been one to question the deeper meaning behind people’s beliefs, actions, and thoughts. Nothing is ever as surface as we often perceive it to be, but our current life experience can force us to move too quickly to gain insight.

In a world saturated with unrealistic expectations and societal norms, it’s easy to lose oneself in the roles we play. Coach Shineka specializes in guiding ambitious and successful women through a transformative journey of self-discovery, alignment, and authentic living.

Her compassionate, empowering, yet firm approach has been a beacon of light for women seeking to detach from limiting beliefs and embrace their true selves as they align with their God-given desires.


Tezra L.

I mean, if you're truly looking for a mentor who will catalyze your growth, she is where you need to be. Her mentorship is and has been unlike any other. She listens with such intent, you feel truly heard. And then she has this uncanny ability to assess the situation with remarkable accuracy. Her feedback isn't just insightful, it's actionable and immediate. But the true transformative moment for us, I think, in working with Coach Shineka is the fact that we had the ability to gain the confidence, to recognize our fear, confront it, and then just power through, proceed with an unshakable sense of purpose. 

Tamara S.

Coach Shineka was phenomenal in assisting me with finding balance between raising an autistic child and not losing myself. She was compassionate but firm in helping me set goals to flourish. From having a portable vision board, to checklist, and even a keepsake laminated positive affirmation sign in which I still have today posted in my bathroom to view daily. Once our coaching sessions ended, I felt fortified and confident that I could do hard things in spite of my daily challenges.

Tracy T.

I've actually worked with Coach Shineka for several years now. I met her through a mastermind. She was my coach for several years in the Mastermind. And then when she went on her own, I also kept her as my coach. She is a wonderful, down to earth, honest and very forward thinking person. She is also very personable, which is important in a coach. You have to feel open and honest and be able to communicate. And I definitely felt at home. Her way of thinking outside of the box is amazing. So I highly recommend Coach.
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